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Jayde rubbed her eyes as she thought over the events that took place in her dream, trying to assure herself that it was merely a dream. Yet part of her wasn't so sure.
She slowly climbed out of bed and made her way to her draws, opening them and digging out some clean underwear.
She slid on her panties before trying to clip on her bra, but after a few unsuccessful minutes she tossed them the side and dug out a pair of black sheer tights, a grey school skirt and a white school shirt, slipping them all on in that order before making her way into the main room.

"Ah, wide awake? About time. I was starting to wonder if you was ever going to wake up!" chuckled Duncan as he offered Jayde a chair at the table.
A couple of hot sliced of toast and butter waited for her.
As she hopped up onto the chair, she looked at Duncan, "Hey, Grampa..."
"What is it, birthday girl?"
Jayde fidgeted around a little before saying, "I had a strange dream last night..."
Duncan picked up a slice of toast as he listened.
"A woman in a white dress and flowing black hair and black wings asked me to travel to Tir Na Nog..."
The moment the words 'Tir Na Nog' were mentioned the toast in Duncan's hand dropped to the table, and he stared at Jayde with surprise, "What did you say?"
Jayde seemed to be a little surprised at Duncan's reaction and was about to question it when she noticed the clock behind him read '8:45'.
"I'll tell you later! I'm going to be late for school!" she gasped as she hopped down from the table, grabbing a slice of toast and running for the door.
She sat down at the front door and strapped on her black Mary Jane's, holding her toast in her mouth before grabbing her wand, and with a toast-in-mouth mumbled "See you later!" she was out the door and running towards the school.

Just as the school gate was in view and the last of the toast was in her mouth she passed a young blonde boy, clad in a blue robe, standing with a group of other boys around his age. As she ran past him, she tripped over and landed face first on the floor.
"Hope you enjoyed your trip, Jaydunce! Ahahaaa!"
The rest of the group began to laugh with the boy as Jayde pushed herself off the floor and onto her knees. As she turned around she saw what caused her to trip; The boy had put his leg out in her path.
"Hey! That wasn't funny, Wolfer!" she yelled, rubbing her forehead where it had hit the floor, "I could have broken my glasses!"
The boy clicked his fingers and one of the other, larger boys of the group walked up to Jayde, who was still sitting on the floor, and snatched her glasses away from her.
As he handed them to the blonde boy, she yelled at them, "Hey! I can't see!".
"That's the idea." the blonde responded as he dropped her glasses on the floor.
The boy and his group began to walk away as Jayde scurried over to the remains of her glasses as he called out to her, "Have fun being blind! Ahaahaaa!"
She picked herself off the floor and looked at the remains of her glasses as a few tears trickled down her cheeks.
"What a bastard..."

After brushing herself down and wiping away a few tears Jayde eventually made it to the school. She was the only pupil as most of the other kids already had jobs looking after the sheep or running the windmill.
A young pink haired lady clad in a navy blue uniform, complete with tights and Mary Jane's looked over a lightly bruised Jayde.
"Are you alright? I heard the commotion..."
"It was Wolfer and his friends..."
The lady sighed, "Wolfer... I don't understand that boy. He says he's the strongest person in Tir Chonail yet he always has his friends do stuff for him. And to do this to you on your Birthday of all days..."
A simple nod was all Jayde gave in reply.
"Well anyway, have you mastered Ice Bolt yet?"
Jayde's mood lightened as she hopped up and began to concentrate, showing off what she had learned. Within a few seconds a small ball of ice formed in front of Jayde's head.
"That's a little small don't you think? I gave you all weekend to practice this spe--"
The lady was caught off by the size of the ice ball suddenly growing tenfold, until it was about the size of a basketball. As quickly as it appeared the ice began to melt until it was nothing but a puddle on the floor.
"Aw no... I messed it up..." Jayde huffed.
The lady clapped her hands once, "That was all wrong! Your concentration was perfect but you put too much Mana into that Ice Bolt which caused it to grow too big for your Mana to keep at a low enough temperature! Try it again, but this time use your wand."
A groan made up the whole of Jayde's reply as she got her wand out from her pocket. She began to concentrate once more as her teacher explained to her, "A wand allows you to have better control over your Mana as well as extends the reach of your magic. Think of it as bicycle training wheels for magic."
A small ball of ice began to form at the end of the wand as her teacher watched, but then once again the ball grew in size almost instantly, at least 4 times than it was the first time before it also melted, followed by the tip of the wand breaking and splitting like a banana peel.
"This may take some time... Most people who start to learn magic have trouble forming their Mana into the Ice Bolt, but you seem to have the opposite problem... Right, take a break, I need to think this over."
Jayde sat back down and looked at the tip of her now broken wand.
"Why can't I control my Mana properly...?"

Part 2.
The Bully.
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